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Tofu, Beans and Nuts

Tofu, Beans & Nuts - Fan

      Nutritionists strongly advocate more consumption of vegetable protein to benefit our body. Beans and nuts contain rich vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. Their contents of nutrients are not less than meat products. More consumption of it can reduce cholesterol and to prevent hardening of arteries. Among the variety of processed soybeans, tofu dishes are popular to all. Its nutrients are high and deliciously fine and soft.

There are many ways to cook tofu. No matter how we prepare it, it is always fragrant and tasty. Moreover, the ways of cooking are simple. The original flavor is not lost with steaming, stir-frying or deep-frying. It is one of the essential good dishes for our three meals in a day.

If the vegetable protein contained in beans and nuts are combined with meat protein in cooking, there is an increase in its nutrients. Food made from beans and nuts are tasty and economical. As there is a wide variety of the processed products, many people are at a loss as to how to use them.


Tofu, Beans & Nuts Recipes

  1. Bacon and Tofu Rolls
  2. Braised Deep-fried Tofu with Curry
  3. Braised Gluten with Mushrooms
  4. Braised Golden Gluten
  5. Braised Green Soybeans with Shrimps
  6. Braised Lentil with Pork
  7. Braised Lima Beans with Pork
  8. Braised Lorhan Vegetarian Dish
  9. Braised Pearl Beans
  10. Braised Pearl Beans with Pork
  11. Braised Pork Ribs with Black Beans
  12. Braised Salted Fish with Tofu
  13. Braised Soybean with Pork Knuckle
  14. Braised Tofu
  15. Braised Tofu Sticks
  16. Braised Tofu with Chicken Cubes
  17. Braised Tofu with Dried Shrimp
  18. Braised Tomato with Tofu
  19. Braised Vermicelli with Soybean Sprouts
  20. Braised Wheat Gluten
  21. Brown Tofu
  22. Casserole Scallop and Tofu
  23. Casserole Tofu and Eggplant
  24. Chinese Ham and Tofu
  25. Clams with Bean Sprouts
  26. Crabmeat and Tofu in Tomato Sauce
  27. Crabmeat with Tofu
  28. Deep-Fried String Beans and Bacon Rolls
  29. Deep-Fried Tofu
  30. Deep-Fried Tofu Balls
  31. Deep-Fried Tofu Sheet
  32. Deep-Fried Tofu Sheet with Shrimp Rolls
  33. Dry-Braised Tofu with Pork
  34. Dry-Fried String Beans
  35. Eight Treasures Soybean Paste
  36. Five Color Tofu
  37. Fresh Oysters and Tofu in Fermented Bean
  38. Fried Gluten Rolls
  39. Preserved Mustard Green with Layered Tofu Sheets
  40. Shredded Dried Tofu with Beef
  41. Spicy Tofu Sticks
  42. Spring Onions with Tofu
  43. Steamed Layered Tofu Sheet
  44. Stewed Frozen Tofu
  45. Stewed Green Soybean
  46. Stewed Peanuts with Pork Ribs
  47. Stir-Fried Anchovies with Peanuts
  48. Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews
  49. Stir-Fried Chives with Dried Tofu
  50. Stir-Fried Preserved Cabbage with Dried Tofu
  1. Stir Fried String Beans with Shredded Pork
  2. Stir-Fried Sweet Peas with Cuttlefish
  3. Stir-Fried Young Bean Shoots with Shrimp
  4. Sweet and Sour Tofu
  5. Szechwan Tofu
  6. Tofu and Chives Rolls
  7. Tofu and Fatt Choy Congee
  8. Tofu and Ham Rolls
  9. Tofu and Peanut Roll
  10. Tofu and Seafood Congee
  11. Tofu and Tomato Soup
  12. Tofu Egg Rolls
  13. Tofu Sheet with Bean Sprout Rolls
  14. Tofu Thread Salad
  15. Tofu with Barbecue Sauce
  16. Tofu with Dried Lily Flower
  17. Tofu with Chili Pork
  18. Tofu with Chinese Chives
  19. Tofu with Cod Fillet
  20. Tofu with Preserved Egg
  21. Tofu with Preserved Mustard Greens
  22. Tofu with Shrimp
  23. Tofu with Squid
  24. Tofu with Tree Seeds
  25. Vegetarian Chicken


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