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Vegetarian Chicken Recipe

Vegetarian Chicken Recipe

Ingredients :



2 tablespoons

1 tablespoon

1/2 teaspoon


1 piece

Tofu sheets

Dried Chinese mushrooms

Soy sauce


Sesame oil



Method :
  • Wash and clean Chinese mushrooms.

  • Soften mushrooms in 1 cup of water, remove stems and shred. Reserve the water.

  • Thoroughly mix the mushroom water together with soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil.

  • Spread tofu sheet open.

  • Sprinkle with mushroom water and shredded mushroom.

  • Cover with another layer of tofu sheet.

  • Sprinkle with mushroom water and mushroom again.

  • Repeat this process until all tofu sheets are used.

  • Roll tightly the prepared tofu roll into a cone.

  • Wrap tightly with the cheesecloth and tie with the string.

  • Steam tofu roll in steamer for 10 minutes.

  • When it is done, unwrap cheesecloth and string while it is hot.

  • Cool and slice it thinly for serving.

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