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Deep Fried Tofu Sheet Recipe

Deep-Fried Tofu Sheet Recipe

Ingredients :




1 tablespoon

2 tablespoons

3 tablespoons

1 tablespoon


1/3 teaspoon

Tofu sheets

Dried Chinese mushrooms

Spring onions

Small dried shrimp

Ham cubes





Several yellow Chinese chives

Method :
  • Mix flour, cornstarch, egg and salt together with 1/2 cup water to become a paste.

  • Set aside for a later use.

  • Halve tofu sheets.

  • Cut off the round edges to become rectangular.

  • Soften mushrooms in water, remove stem and then chop finely.

  • Soften dried shrimp in water then chop finely.

  • Chop spring onions.

  • Cut chives into 0.5 cm pieces.

  • Spread the tofu sheet.

  • Brush with flour mixture.

  • Sprinkle with a few spring onion, chopped mushrooms, dried shrimp, chives and ham cubes.

  • Cover with 1 piece of tofu sheet. Brush with flour mixture.

  • Repeat this process until it is covered with the sixth piece of tofu sheet.

  • Poke with a toothpick or fork to prevent swelling during deep-frying.

  • Heat 5 cups frying oil in a wok (do not overheat it).

  • Deep-fry over medium heat until crispy, scoop out and cut into bite sized and serve.

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