Lamb, Pork, Bacon, Ham and Sausages Recipes

Recipes for Lamb, Pork, Bacon, Ham and Sausages

Lamb is a versatile meat, delicious in slowly cooked stews and ideal for quick evening meals made with chops or cutlets. It can be a little fatty, but if well trimmed cooks quickly and simply in all sorts of dishes. It is suitable for roasting, grilling (broiling) and frying (sautéing).

As for pork, it must be thoroughly cooked, so take care to check that the meat is completely cooked through before serving. A slightly fatty meat, it should be well trimmed and works well when combined with sharper flavors, especially fruits or a little well-chosen alcohol. The leanest cuts of pork can be stir-fried or cooked quickly, but larger cuts should be allowed a longer, slower cooking time.

A meal based on bacon or ham, with their distinctive flavors, makes a pleasant change from other meats. As it is a salty meat, take care to adjust seasoning as you cook, and team the meat with suitable vegetables to complement the strong flavors. You will find all sorts of fancy sausages and sausage meats in the chill cabinet of your local supermarket, so give them a try - as well as enjoying that good old favorite, British pork sausages.

Lamb Recipes

  1. Apricot and Chestnut Lamb

  2. Bordeaux Braised Lamb

  3. Braised Lamb with Vegetables

  4. Butterflied Lamb

  5. Crispy Lamb and Watercress

  6. French Style Roast Lamb

  7. Grilled Kofta

  8. Kebab with Rice

  9. Lamb and Red Onion Casserole

  10. Lamb Cutlets with Soubise Sauce

  11. Lamb in cider

  12. Lamb in Pitta with Cucumber Sauce

  13. Lamb in Spicy Sauce

  14. Lamb in Sweet Sherry Sauce

  15. Lamb Meatloaf with Taco Topping

  16. Lamb Ragout

  17. Lamb Samosas

  18. Lamb with Cumin and Sesame Seeds

  19. Lamb with Fennel

  20. Lamb with Mushrooms and Herbs

  21. Lamb with Redcurrant Sauce

  22. Lancashire Hot Pot

  23. Lemon and mint lamb

  24. Malaysian Lamb Curry

  25. Minted Lamb Steaks

  26. Moussaka

  27. Paprika Lamb Chops

  28. Piquant Lamb Chops

  29. Roast Lamb with Mint

  30. Sasaties

  31. Sichuan Style Lamb

  32. Sweet and Sour Lamb

  33. Traditional Roast Lamb

Pork Recipes

  1. Boston Baked Beans

  2. Caribbean Pork

  3. Devilled Pork Chops

  4. Fried Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce

  5. Honeyed Pork Steaks

  6. Lemon Pork

  7. Minced Pork and Potato Pie

  8. Mississippi Grill

  9. Mustard Pork Roast

  10. Navarin of Pork

  11. Oriental Pork

  12. Paprika Pork

  13. Pork Chops Avesnoise

  14. Pork Curry with Mango

  15. Pork Fillet with Orange Sauce

  16. Pork Foil Parcels

  17. Pork in Calvados

  18. Pork in Cider

  19. Pork in Whisky

  20. Pork Spare Ribs in Wine

  1. Pork with Apple Rings

  2. Pork with Beer Sauce

  3. Pork with Orange and Soy Sauce

  4. Pork with Pate

  5. Pork with Pepper

  6. Roast Pork with Apple and Nuts Stuffing

  7. South Sea Spare Ribs

  8. Spicy Pork Curry

  9. Stuffed Pork Fillet

  10. Sweet and Sour Pork Steaks

Bacon, Ham and Sausages Recipes

  1. Bacon and Bean Casserole

  2. Bacon and Kidney Rolls

  3. Bacon Chops in Ale

  4. Bacon Roly Poly

  5. Bacon Steaks with Orange and Peppercorn Sauce

  6. Bacon Stuffed with Cabbage Leaves

  7. Barbecued Bangers

  8. Cidered Sausage Skuets

  9. Frankfurter and Cheese Roll

  10. Grilled Ham with Pineapple

  11. Ham and Cheese Fingers

  12. Ham Cornets

  13. Honey Glazed Bacon

  14. Sausage Flan

  15. Sausage Pickle

  16. Sausage Stuffed Potatoes

  17. Sausagemeat Moussaka

  18. Smoked Sausage

  19. Soudzoukakia

  20. Spiced Island Steaks

  21. Sweet and Sour Ham Steaks


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