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Notwithstanding its modestly small size, Sri Lanka provides an incredible selection of food and varieties of food preparation. This tropical isle features a vibrant traditions of local food and its local food preparation can be highly personal and diverse. For instance, Kandyan Sinhalese cooking, featuring its focus on hill region fruit and veggies; coastal cooking, creating the very best of the plentiful seafood with which the Sri Lanka is truly blessed; Tamil cooking style, very closely associated with those of southern India, which can be particularly common in Jaffna, within the northern Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka, just as with any other nation, the most frequent meals are cooked inside the villages - obtaining exact recipes is practically not possible. They don't prepare food by referring to a cookbook. A little of this ingredient, a handful of that spices, a great swirl of salty water; flavor, are considered as seasoning adjustment. That's the way Sinhalese women folks cook, and no 2 women can cook precisely the same. Even when using the same type and amount of ingredients, the actual handling of a Sir Lankan recipe is entirely personal.

Moreover to local traits, many of the most favorite dishes reveal influences coming from other places. After having gone through so many years, it no longer matters who introduced a particular method of cooking.Those cuisines contributed would have been accepted and modified to include local ingredients, but still maintaining the original traits. Those foods shall no longer be regarded as a Sinhalese dishes but instead part of a highly diversed cuisine.

The impact of the Muslims as well as Malays enhances the usage of specific flavorings like saffron and rose water plus the spicy korma, pilau together with biriani which can be Sri Lankan merely through adoption. During the time when the Portuguese reigned over Sri Lanka for a hundred and fifty years during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, they left behind words and phrases that have assimilated directly into the language and traditions that are significantly an integral part of rural and urban living. Many Sri Lankan recipes finish by having an instruction to 'temper' the dish. This originates from the actual Portuguese word, temperado, meaning to fry and season. The Portuguese additionally added numerous sweetmeats that are well-liked even today. They are offered at parties (Sri Lankan are excited about celebrating each and every happy event) and many people carry tremendous pride in aged family recipes, that they safeguard with envious care.

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 Sri Lankan Recipes

  1. Baked Stuffed Breadfruit

  2. Beef Curry

  3. Beef in Spicy Coconut Milk

  4. Beef Pepper Curry

  5. Breadfruit Coconut Curry

  6. Breadfruit with Coconut Cream

  7. Cashew Nut Curry

  8. Chicken Curry

  9. Chicken Gizzard Curry

  10. Chicken Omelets with Coconut Gravy

  11. Coriander Shrimp

  12. Crab Curry

  13. Diced Liver Curry

  14. Dry Fried Shrimp

  15. Duck Curry

  16. Fish Curry with Tamarind

  17. Fish Curry with Tomato

  18. Fish Koftas

  19. Fish White Curry

  20. Fish with Flaked Coconut

  21. Fried Pork Curry

  22. Fried Squid Curry

  23. Frikkadels

  24. Ghee Rice

  25. Green Bananas Curry

  26. Lamb with Palm Sugar

  27. Leeks Fried with Chili

  28. Lentils with Coconut Milk

  29. Meat with Palm Sugar

  30. Milk Rice

  31. Mixed Vegetable Stew with Mustard

  32. Okra Bean Curry

  33. Pork Red Curry

  34. Red Pork Curry

  35. Red Shrimp Curry

  36. Ridged Gourd Curry

  37. Rotis

  38. Salted Fish and Eggplant Curry

  39. Shredded Cabbage

  40. Simmered Beef in Coconut Gravy

  41. Sour Fish Curry

  42. Spicy Barbecued Fish

  43. Spicy Seafood

  44. Sri Lankan Fish Curry

  45. Sri Lankan Lentils

  46. Tamarind Fish

  47. Tripe Curry

  48. Vegetable Curry

  49. White Vegetable Curry

  50. Yellow Pumpkin Curry

  51. Yellow Rice


  1. Bombay Duck Chili Fry

  2. Coconut Milk Gravy

  3. Dutch Forcemeat Balls (Frikkadels)

  4. Eggplant Pickle

  5. Fish Pickle

  6. Lime and Date Chutney

  7. Lime Oil Pickle

  8. Mustard Pickle

  9. Scrambled Eggs with Flavoring

  10. Seer Fish Pickle with Tamarind

  11. Shredded Radish Leaf

  12. Shrimp Blachan

  13. Sour Soup


  1. Bean Sprout Sambol

  2. Bitter Gourd Sambol

  3. Chili Sambol

  4. Coconut Sambol

  5. Cucumber Sambol

  6. Fried Eggplant Sambol

  7. Fried Onion Sambol

  8. Ground Onion and Chili Sambol

  9. Roasted Coconut Sambol

  10. Shrimp Sambol


  1. Almond Paste

  2. Avocado Dessert

  3. Basic Dough

  4. Coconut Cake

  5. Love Cake

  6. Love Cake (2)

  7. Meat Buns

  8. Potato Halva

  9. Sesame Seed Balls

  10. Spicy Coconut Custard


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