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That aged and classic phrase regarding keeping the very best for last is undoubtedly correct whenever you mention the Asian dessert delicaies. Although most people will love the tantalizing main course, the majority of the compliments commonly goes to the final course. An incredibly great Asian dessert has become the most expected part of the food selection. Although that may possibly not be one of our most healthy eating habits, however it is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling!!

A burst of cooling sweet taste is the ideal end to an Asian meal. The vast majority of Asian desserts utilize the natural sweet taste of tropical fresh fruits which include coconuts, bananas as well as mangoes.

Sticky rice, pancakes and semolina are sometimes added to balance the tartness taste from the tropical fruit, whereas ice creams and cooled custards renew the taste buds.


Asian Desserts Recipes, Snacks & Drinks

 Chinese Desserts

  1. Almond Bean Curd

  2. Almond Jelly

  3. Almond Junket

  4. Banana & Coconut Pancakes

  5. Bird's Nest Soup

  6. Carrot Milk Pudding

  7. Chinese Fortune Cookies

  8. Coconut Jelly

  9. Coconut Semolina Slice

  10. Eight Treasure Pudding

  11. Fried Custard

  12. Home Made Yoghurt

  13. Honey Sponge Cake

  14. Lotus Leaf Pancakes

  15. Mango Ice Cream

  16. Mango Pudding

  17. Peking Dust

  18. Red Bean Paste Pancakes

  19. Red Bean Soup

  20. Sa Chi Ma

  21. Spicy Coconut Custard

  22. Steamed Pears

  23. Sticky Rice with Mangoes

  24. Sweet Potato Jelly

  25. Sweet Won Ton

  26. Toffee Bananas

  27. Walnut Cookies

  28. Water Chestnut Cake

 Burmese Desserts & Drinks

  1. Arrowroot Jelly

  2. Coconut Jelly

  3. Iced Coconut Milk with Sago

  4. Iced Jelly Drink

  5. Ginger Mix

  6. Golden Rice

  7. Seaweed Jelly

  8. Semolina Pudding

  9. Teething Cake

 Sri Lankan Desserts

  1. Almond Paste

  2. Avocado Dessert

  3. Basic Dough

  4. Coconut Cake

  5. Love Cake

  6. Love Cake (2)

  7. Meat Buns

  8. Sesame Seed Balls

  9. Spicy Coconut Custard

  10. Potato Halva

 Vietnamese Desserts

  1. Fried Pork and Crab Rolls

  2. Shrimp Toast

  3. Banana Cake with Cashews

 Indian / Pakistani Desserts & Drinks

  1. Almond Beverage

  2. Almond Cream Fudge (Badam Barfi)

  3. Almond Cream Sweetmeat

  4. Banana Sweetmeat

  5. Carrot Pudding

  6. Carrot Sweetmeat

  7. Chick Pea Flour Sweetmeat

  8. Condensed Milk Dessert

  9. Creamed Almonds

  10. Crisp Semolina Shortbread

  11. Cumin and Tamarind Drinks

  12. Deep-Fried Semolina Savories

  13. Lassi (Yoghurt Drink)

  14. Milk Sweetmeat

  15. Pakoras - Savory Vegetable Fritters

  16. Potato Slices

  17. Potato Straws

  18. Rice Pancakes

  19. Rice Pudding

  20. Rose Flavored Cold Drink

  21. Rose Flavored Sweetmeats in Syrup

  22. Semolina Pudding

  23. Small Savory Pastries

  24. Sweet Vermicelli

  25. Thosai

 Singaporean Desserts

  1. Agar-Agar Jelly

  2. Almond Biscuits

  3. Silver Fungus in Sweet Soup

  4. Toffee Apples

 Japanese Desserts

  1. Japanese Jelly Dessert (Awayuki)

 Malaysian Desserts

  1. Bubur Cha Cha

  2. Coconut Milk Jelly

  3. Durian Jelly

  4. Sago Cakes

  5. Sago Pudding

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