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Sweet Vermicelli Recipe

Sweet Vermicelli Recipe

Ingredients :

125 g fine vermicelli

1 1/2 tablespoons ghee

1 1/2 cups hot water

1/4 teaspoon saffron strands

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons sultanas

2 tablespoons almonds, blanched and slivered

1/8 teaspoon cardamom, ground


Method :

Break the fine vermicelli into small pieces of about 2.5 cm in length. Ensure that they are not longer than 2.5 cm because long pieces make stirring difficult. Heat up a saucepan with the ghee. Fry the vermicelli until golden brown, stir constantly to ensure an even color. Add hot water and the saffron. Bring to the boil. Turn heat to low and cover. Simmer gently until the vermicelli is cooked. Add sugar and sultanas. Cook without covering until the liquid is dry. Stir in the slivered almonds and cardamom. Stir well and serve warm with some cream

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