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Iced Coconut Milk with Sago Recipe

Iced Coconut Milk with Sago Recipe

(Burmese Desserts & Drinks)

Ingredients :

1 cup sago, washed

4 cups water

1 cup palm sugar, chopped

4 cups coconut milk

Ice cubes for serving


Method :

Soak the sago in water for about 1 hour. Drain. Using a large saucepan, fill with 3 cups of water and add in the sago. Bring to theboil and simmer over medium heat until the sago grains are clear. Remove from heat to cool and chill.


Heat a small saucepan with the remaining water and palm sugar. Heat gently until the palm sugar dissolves. When cool, strain the syrup. When serving, put 4-5 tablespoons of the chilled sago into a glass, add 3 tablespoons of palm sugar syrup or according to taste. Mix well. Add a cubes of ices to fill up with the coconut milk and serve immediately after stirring.

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