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Coconut Milk Jelly Recipe

Coconut Milk Jelly Recipe

Ingredients :

7 g agar-agar strands

6 cups water

3 pods cardamom, bruised

1 small stick cinnamon

2 1/2 cups palm sugar

2 cups thick coconut milk

Pinch of salt


Method :

Fill a pot with cold water and soak agar-agar strands overnight or at least 4 hours, drain. After drained, the soaked agar-agar should measure approximately 1.5 cups loosely packed. Put the soaked agar-agar strands into a saucepan with 6 cups of cold water, cinnamon and cardamom. Bring the saucepan to the boil and simmer gently for about 30 minutes or until the agar-agar strands are dissolved. Stir occasionally, add sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.


Add coconut milk and salt. Keep stir constantly while bringing just to simmering point. Use a fine nylon sieve to strain, then pour into a moisted mould and cool to room temperature, best served chill.

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