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Sago Cakes Recipe

Sago Cakes Recipe

Ingredients :

100 g sago

500 g water

40 g sugar

30 g plain flour

65 g lotus seed puree


Method :

Fill a bowl with hot water. Soak the sago for about 10 minutes, drain well. Separate the lotus seed puree into 8 portions. Grease tart molds. Using a pot, fill with 500 ml water and boil the sago until cooked. Rinse with water and drain well. Mix the sago, sugar and flour together. Fill the tart molds half level with sago. Add one portion of the lotus seed puree and cover up with sago. Steam for about 20 minutes over high heat. When cooked, the sago should turn transparent. Turn the sago cakes out of the mold and serve hot or cold.

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