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Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Ingredients :

2 cups fresh mango, cut into bite sized pieces

1 cup sugar

2 cups cream

2 cups milk

1 teaspoon almond extract

Salt to taste


Method :

Use a bowl tomix the mango and half cup of the sugar. Cover with a lid and store overnight in the refrigerator. Drain the mango and keep the sugar syrup for later use. Using a food processor, blend the mango pieces, then add to the reserved sugar syrup.


Heat up a saucepan and combine the cream and milk over moderate heat until bubbles can be seen. Stir for a minute, remove to cool. Add the remaining half cup of the sugar, the almond extract and the salt to taste. Pour the cooled mixture of milk and cream into the bowl of sugar and other ingredients. Stir and mix well. Use a beater to beat until the liquid is frothy. Cover and set aside in a freezer. Once partially frozen, remove from friedge and mix agin with the mixer before returning to the freezer one more time. When time to serve, scoop them out.

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