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Authentic Asian recipes that covers delicious cuisines from India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan with an introduction to the different styles of Asian cooking as well as a glossary of ingredients and cooking tips.


The true taste of Asian food! Savor it and you will be totally charmed by the traditional and authentic Asian recipes. Come treat yourself to the best of Asian food recipes.

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Herbs and spicesMastering Herbs and Spices

Discover the important elements in adding flavor with Herbs and Spices, blending skillfully that leads to a successful dish!


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The ultimate website to the fresh, fragrant and colorful Asian recipes. It celebrates and demystifies the flavors of the East with traditional and modern Asian cooking recipes side by side and practical guides on buying and using ingredients.....this is the website for cooking authentic Asian cuisines at home.....spoil yourself by indulging in a tantalizing line of mouth watering Asian cuisines by unleashing yourself to our more than 3,000 pages of Free Asian cooking guide and online recipes of various countries in Asia. A website that truly focus on food and cooking recipes that is just not only providing body fuel but also an expression of culinary artistry.

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The Practical Guide For Asian Recipes

There is a widespread misconception on how to become a great cook. It is not simply the mere memorization of hundreds or thousands of cooking guides. Neither is it the case of having access to special tools and ingredients as there are no special magic in the knives or spices. Anyone who is serious about cooking must learn lessons of greater value and this is where this free newsletters come in.....

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Local Recipes and Cuisines

A whole range of good eating from Asian cuisine to classic everyday food. Contains everything from simple soups to exotic main courses, from family puddings and snacks to desserts for the most lavish of dinner parties. Dip into this tremendous range of recipes and you'll be sure to find everything you need.

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Food ... Glorious Food !!!

Delve into a host of culinary pleasures and treasures below...

Traditional Asian Recipes

  1. Asian Salad Recipes

  2. Beef and Veal Recipes

  3. Dessert Recipes

  4. Exotic Desserts Recipes

  5. Dim Sum Recipes

  6. Hawkers Delight

  7. Herbs and Spices Recipes

  8. Lamb and Pork

  9. Meat & Kebabs

  10. Nyonya Recipes

  11. Pickles and Chutneys

  12. Poultry and Game

  13. Seafood Recipes

  14. Starters and Snacks

  15. Stocks and Soups

  16. Tofu, Beans and Nuts

  17. Vegetarian Recipes

Articles and Guide
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