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Types of Thermometers and Temperatures

Types of Thermometer and Temperatures


Sight, touch and instinct are old-age ways to gauge when food is done. For consistent results, having a thermometer will make you a better cook as it is reliable. Over time, by using a thermometer you will know when things are done to your liking. Moreover, to keep food safe, you will need to ensure that they are cooked or kept at a safe temperatures. Guessing the food temperature is not accurate and can cause food borne illness. Thermometers take the guess work out of knowing the temperature of the food you are preparing, serving or eating. All types of thermometers must be measuring the temperature correctly or they won't help keep food safe.


When you buy a thermometer in the store, check the degrees it is registering. Moreover, there are many types of thermometers available and ensure that you get the suitable one.

  1. About Digital Thermometers

  2. Appliance Thermometers

  3. Bimetallic-Coil Thermometers

  4. Calibrating the Thermometers

  5. Cooking Temperatures

  6. Disposable Thermometers

  7. Food Safety Temperature Guide

  8. Instant-Read Bimetallic Coil Thermometers

  9. Oven Cord Thermometers

  10. Oven Safe Bimetallic Coil Thermometers

  11. Oven Thermometers

  12. Placing the Thermometer

  13. Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometers

  14. Thermistor Thermometers

  15. Thermocouple Thermometers

  16. Thermometer Fork

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