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Thermometer Fork

Thermometer Fork

As its name suggest, this utensil combines a cooking fork with a thermometer. In one of the tines of the fork, a device is embedded for temperature sensing function. There are several different styles and brands of the thermometer forks in the market. Some using thermocouples and some using thermistors.

Depending on the type, the temperature can be shown within 2 to 10 seconds on a digital display or by indicator lights. These lights will tell if the food has reached rare, medium or well done. They are particularly useful for grilling as the thermometer fork will be able to measure accurately the internal temperature of even the thinnest foods.

Thermometer forks are not designed to be left in the food while in the oven or on the grill and they cannot be calibrated. They should be used toward the end of the estimated cooking time to determine the temperature of the food.

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