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Cooking Temperatures

Cooking Temperatures

Cooking foods properly will ensure that bacteria are destroyed. Different types of foods will require temperatures of different degrees to kill the bacteria. It is by using a thermometer that will help us to determine the internal temperature that the food must achieve. It is not the cooking temperature of the oven or the burner.

When cooking meat, use a meat thermometer as it is the only way to ensure that the food you are cooking has been cooked well enough to be safe to eat. There are many types of thermometers available in the market. It is always good to remember a few tips when using your meat thermometer -

  • Always insert the thermometer stem into the thickest part of the meat. Be sure to keep it away from large pieces of fat, gristle or bone as these areas will give you a false temperature reading.

  • Check the temperature of thin foods like hamburgers or pork chops within 1 minute after removing them from the cooking surface.

  • Check the temperature of thicker foods like roasts or large steaks after they have been away from the cooking heat for 5-10 minutes.

  • Take the temperature reading after leaving the thermometer in the food for 30 seconds.

  • Check the temperature in several places if the food does not have a regular shape and ensure that you take the reading of the thickest part.

  • After using, wash the thermometer using a hot soapy water.

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