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About Digital Thermometers

About Digital Thermometers

These typically battery powered digital thermometers are basically temperature-sensing instruments that have a digital display, permanent probes and are portable. There are many characteristics of display scale for digital thermometers. These include measurement in Celsius, Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Digital thermometers can usually display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, or even both in a dual scale thermometer. The minimum and maximum values of temperature that can be displayed are the thermometer display range while the scale division is the smallest division of degrees that can be displayed. It may also be referred to as a resolution in digital instruments.

Current application options that are available for digital thermometers are like HVAC, explosion proof construction, splash proof or watertight device, and sanitary applications. An explosion proof thermometer is a device that can withstand an explosion of gases within it and prevent the explosion of gases surrounding it due to sparks, flashes or the explosion of the container itself, and maintain an external temperature, which will not ignite the surrounding gases.

HVAC thermometers are for HVAC applications such as such or flume monitoring. Watertight thermometers are designed for wet environment applications. Sanitary thermometers are for sanitary use such as food or pharmaceutical applications. Other features include datalogger or data collection capabilities, recording of minimum and maximum values, internal timers and counters, ability to perform math or statistical functions, self-test or diagnostic capabilities and battery powering.

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