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Oven Thermometers

Oven Thermometers

Oven thermometers are designed to remain in the oven to verify that the oven is actually heating to the desired temperatures. It is important that the temperature is set at 325 degrees F or higher when cooking meat and poultry. These oven thermometers can measure temperatures from 100 to 600 degrees F.

When checking the accuracy of an oven, just hang the oven thermometer from a rack in the center of the oven. Then set the oven for 325 to 350 degrees F and allow it to preheat. Open the oven door and read the thermometer once the oven has reached the set temperature. Most ovens maintain their temperature by cycling on and off, especially when the door has been opened. After 5 minutes, check the temperature again.

If you find that the oven is not maintaining the set temperature, the oven thermostat will need to be calibrated. Do not calibrate it yourself, get it done by an authorized service center representative. However, if after testing the oven temperature with different settings and it is consistently higher or lower by a certain degrees, it could be factored into the temperature setting. For example, if you discovered that your oven is always hotter by 25 degrees F and you need to cook at 350 degrees F, just set the oven for 325 degrees F. Always check the oven thermometer to verify the correct temperature.

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