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Thermistor Thermometers

Thermistor Thermometers

This type of thermistor-style thermometers uses a resistor to measure the temperature. The resistor is made of ceramic semiconductor bonded in the tip with temperature sensitive epoxy. The time taken to register the temperature on its digital display is about 10 seconds and the thickness of the probe is approximately 1/8 inch. Thermistor thermometers are suitable for both thin and thick foods as the semiconductor is at the tip of the thermometer.

As it is usually cooler for food at the center of the surface compared to the outer, the thermometer tip should be placed in the center of the thickest part of the food.

Thermistor thermometers are not designed to be left in the food while cooking. They should be used to check for the final cooking temperatures at the end of the cooking time. Remember to check the temperature before the food is expected to finish cooking to avoid overcooking.

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