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UK Food Terminologies

US Food Terminologies

Aubergine, Brinjal US eggplant
Bacon Rasher Bacon Slice
Baking Sheet Cooking sheet
Bap Hamburger bun
Barbecue Grill or Outdoor grill
Beetroot Beets
Bicarbonate of Soda Baking soda
Biscuits (Sweet) Cookies
Biscuits (Savory) Cracker
Bisto Brown gravy mix
Braising Steak Chuck steak
Broad Bean Fava bean or Lima bean
Cake Mixture Cake Batter


Bell pepper or Sweet pepper

Caster Sugar Superfine granulated or Superfine sugar
Chicory Endive
Chips French fries
Chocolate (Sweets) Candy
Chocolate (Plain) Semisweet / Bittersweet/ Unsweetened
Cling Film Plastic wrap
Cooker Stove
Coriander (Fresh) Cilantro
Cornflour Cornstarch
Corn on the cob Ears sweetcorn
Courgette Zucchini
Cream (Double) Heavy cream or Whipping cream
Cream (Single) Light cream or Half-and-half
Crisps Potato chips
Crystalised Fruit Candied fruit
Demerara sugar Dark raw sugar
Desiccated Coconut Shredded coconut
Essence Extract
Filo Pastry Phyllo dough
Fish Slice Spatula
Flaked Almonds Slivered almonds
Flour (Light plain) Cake flour
Flour (Plain) All-purpose flour
Flour (Self-Raising) Self-rising flour
Fool Creamy fruit dessert
French Bean Green bean
Frying Pan Skillet
Glace Candied
Golden Syrup Light corn syrup
Granulated Sugar Sugar
Grated Shredded
Greaseproof Paper Parchment (baking) paper
Green Pepper Bell pepper or Sweet pepper
Grill Broil
Griller Broiler
Groundnut Peanut
Hob Range
Ice / Icing Frost or Frosting
Icing Sugar Confectioners sugar or Powdered sugar
Jelly Jello or gelatin
Jerusalem Artichokes Sunchokes
Joint of Meat Roast
Ketchup Catchup
Kitchen Towels Kitchen paper or Paper towels
Kipper Smoked herring
Lettuce (Loose leaved) Boston lettuce
Mangetout Snow pea
Mince / Minced Meat Ground meat
Milk (Skimmed) Skim milk
Milk (Semi-Skimmed) 2% Milkfat
Pawpaw Papaya or Pawpaw
Pear (Conference) Bosc pear
Pine Kernels Pine nuts
Pips Seeds
Pitta Pita
Prawns Shrimps
Pudding Dessert
Rapeseed Canola
Rasher of Bacon Bacon slice
Raw sugar Unrefined sugar
Rind Peel
Rocket Arugula
Rump Steak Sirloin or Round steak
Semolina Cream of wheat
Sorbet Sherbet
Spring Onion Scallion
Squid Squid or Calamari
Stock Broth or Stock
Stock Cube Bouillon cube
Stoned Seeded or Pitted
Sultanas Golden raisins
Swede Turnip or Rutabaga
Swiss Roll Jelly Roll
Tabasco Sauce Hot-pepper sauce
Tea Towel Kitchen towel
Tin (Baking / Roasting / Loaf / Cake) Pan
Treacle Molasses
Tomato Passata Tomato sauce
Tomato Puree Tomato paste
Unsalted butter Unsalted or Sweet Butter
Vanilla Pod Vanilla bean
Wholemeal flour Whole-wheat flour
Yellow Courgette Yellow straight neck squash

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