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Meat and Kebab Recipes

Meat & Kebab Recipes

Meat & Kebab

The true gourmet will tell you that when it comes to flavor, variety and sheer taste, there is nothing to beat the good, old-fashioned meat, be it mutton or lamb, veal or pork.

The challenge is to cook it in ways that enhance the goodness of the meat while cutting down on oil and fat. Selecting the right cut, combining the meat with greens and vegetables, using the grill instead of the frying pan, can all help to make it a healthy and nourishing part of your meal.

The recipes featured in this section showcase a fabulous variety of meat and kebabs dishes of the Asian region.

Melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, delectable curries and fragrant biryanis from every corner of Asia serves up the most amazing meal.


  1. Almond and Saffron Flavored Meat

  2. Baghdad Saffron Flavored Meat

  3. Baked Mince with Mashed Potatoes

  4. Baked Mutton

  5. Barbecued Lamb Leg

  6. Barbecued Meat - Goa Style

  7. Barbecued Meat Kebab

  8. Barbecued Spare Rib

  9. Beef with Mushrooms and Cream

  10. Braised Beef with Mushrooms in Wine Sauce

  11. Coconut Lamb Curry

  12. Creamy Kebab

  13. Curried Meat Soup

  14. Fig Flavored Meat Curry

  15. Fried Meat Nuggets

  16. Garlic Flavored Mince

  17. Hot and Spicy Meat Curry

  18. Kashmir Meat Curry

  19. Kashmir Spicy Meat

  20. Kebab with Apricot Filling

  21. Kebab with Cream Filling

  22. Kebab with Dry Fruit Filling

  23. Kebab with Herbs

  24. Kebab with Olive Filling

  25. Kerala Mutton Fry with Green Chilies

  26. Lamb Kebab

  27. Lamb Spare Ribs

  28. Lamb with Green Herbs

  29. Lime Flavored Shredded Meat

  30. Masala Chops

  1. Meat & Spinach Kebab with Dry Fruit Filling

  2. Meat and Colocasia Curry

  3. Meat and Turnip Curry

  4. Meat and Unripe Mango Curry

  5. Meat Curry with Corn

  6. Meat Curry with Green Chilies

  7. Meat in Red Gravy

  8. Meat with Spinach

  9. Meatballs in Curd-based Gravy

  10. Meatballs in Tomato and Garlic Sauce

  11. Melt-in-the-mouth Kebab

  12. Mutton and Coconut Fry

  13. Mutton Curry Cooked in Milk

  14. Mutton with Black Beans

  15. Mutton with Dill and Green Beans

  16. Orange Flavored Meat

  17. Pepper Steak with Cognac Flavored Sauce

  18. Pickled Meat Curry

  19. Roast Lamb Leg with Saffron and Dry Fruits

  20. Shredded Lamb in Tomato Gravy

  21. Smoked Mince

  22. Spicy Meat Nuggets

  23. Spicy Pork Curry

  24. Spicy Pork and Liver Curry

  25. Spicy Roast Beef

  26. Szechwan Crispy Lamb in Oyster Sauce

  27. Szechwan Lamb with Nuts

  28. Thick Meat Curry

Meat & Kebab Recipes

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