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Guide to Vegatables

Vegetables Guide

Comprehensive Reference Guide to Vegetables

(Reference section on identifying, preparing, using and cooking vegetables)

Vegetables can play a starring role in a recipe or they may be combined with other ingredients in a harmony of flavors. Some of the best vegetable soups are examples of well-tuned mixtures - minestrone, for instance, is a blend of onions, carrots, tomatoes and cabbage; or a good old-fashioned vegetable soup brings together simple ingredients such as carrots, turnips and leeks. These, and many others, are loved for the sum of their parts rather than for the taste of individual vegetables.


The great thing about cooking with vegetables is, however, that once you have got the hang of using them, a recipe becomes unnecessary. You will discover how you most enjoy carrots, asparagus or less-common vegetables and will learn to experiment them in your own way.


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