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Bay LeavesBay Leaves

In Greco-Roman times, bay leaves symbolized bravery, wisdom and victory. Its flavor reduces pain, heals internal injuries, cures skin problems and kills pests. Use in a wide variety of dishes. Comes from the bay laurel tree which is a medium-sized evergreen tree,


Basil  is a member of the mint family, and was known as the herb of kings in ancient times. In fact, its name  may have been derived from the Greek word basileus, meaning "king". The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that you had to curse and yell while you were planting basil, to get a good crop, although that practice has since been largely abandoned, at least by commercial growers. Like other members of the mint family, it has been used medicinally for digestive upsets. Try making tea from basil, as you would mint, for an after-dinner tea. Goes well with other herbs, spices and flavorings.


Sage is said to preserve youth, get rid of fat, eliminate odors, prevent decay, aid the intestines and speed digestion. It is served both fresh and cooked.


Tradition  holds that the strong flavor of rosemary was given to it by Jesus Christ. It is thought to soothe the nerves, energize the mind and cure headaches, as well as refresh the body and spirit. It kills all kinds of diseases and eliminate odors from meats. Used in a wide range of dishes.


This is a special favorite of southern France. Thyme, which symbolizes bravery, is said to have anti-bacterial and preservative properties. It is also good for coughs and colds, and throat problems. Used in a wide variety of dishes.


The Greeks thought that oregano brought joy to people. It is indispensable in cheese and tomato dishes. A common herb in Italian dishes, it is used in cooking and roasting chicken and lamb and eliminates odors from fish. Used in a wide variety of dishes.

Mustard SeedsMustard Seeds

There are numerous varieties of mustard with various levels of heat and sourness. Choose the one you prefer. Mustard goes well in sausages, beef soups and other meat dishes. It enhances the texture of a dish. Traditionally, mustard is believed to reduce inflammation.


In medieval England, a handful of costly nutmeg was equal in value to three lambs. It goes well with both g round meats and dessert. In China nutmeg is thought to have curative effects of diseases of the digestive tract. It was also prescribed for rheumatism. Its side effects include sleeping too much and addiction. Use sparingly.





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Today's society is slowly becoming more and more internationalized. Exchanges of every kind with  other countries are common. As far as food is concerned, a diversity of choices are available. Under the pressure of increased demand for healthy, high quality food, both Chinese and Western foods have improved. Food is no longer just a basic need of human beings, but has become a field of knowledge and an art in itself. It is hard to imagine what cooking would be like without the unique flavors available from herbs and spices. For centuries, they have been an integral part of many of the world's great cuisines. Today we take for granted those spices over which wars were once fought. At a time when only kings and other wealthy people could afford such a delicacy as cinnamon. But today, they are found in almost every grocery stores and hypermarkets.

The term "spices" is often used broadly to include all seasonings. Spices come from the bark, roots, leaves, stems, buds, seeds or fruit of aromatic plants and trees which usually grow only in tropical countries.

Herbs are soft, succulent plant which usually grow in the temperate zone. Until recently, cooks have had to make do with very few fresh herbs such as sage, parsley and thyme. Nowadays, you can also find fresh basil, coriander, chervil, tarragon, rosemary and dill easily. Since herbs are at their best when they are young and freshly picked, it is well worth growing your own.

Herbs & Spices Recipes

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Originally from southern India, Europe had no spice to match its power, so it was exceptionally expensive in ancient times. It was considered on par with meat and medicine in its importance, and an ounce of pepper was worth an ounce of gold. Peppers generally used include black, white, red and green. Used in both soups and dishes.


More valuable than gold, it is the queen of herbs. From ancient times to today, Europeans have believed it can refresh the body and awaken the mind. In India and the Far East, it is thought to eliminate poisons and cure stomach troubles. It is full of vitamin B2. It increases sweat and brings on menstrual periods early. As a result, pregnant women are forbidden to consume saffron. Use in dishes and soups.


One of the oldest spice and is native to Sri Lanka. The spice is the tree bark, rolled into sticks, quills or ground to powder. In addition to spicing up a dish, cinnamon disperses heat, stop pain, increases sweat, and gets rid of colds and nausea. Use in any kind of dish.


Rich in iodine, minerals, vitamins A and C, it stimulates the appetite and enhances digestion. Use in any dish.


Mint is cool and sweet. In Europe, fresh mint leaves are soaked in vinegar to create a seasoning for fruits, salads and cocktails. Mint aids the digestion and cures colds.


Its leaves are rich in iron, iodine, minerals, vitamin A and C. In Chinese cooking, it usually appears as a garnish.


In the West, in addition to playing an important role in barbecue sauces and seasonings, it is also used in bread and desserts and in anchovy sauce. The seeds and leaves are both edible. Fennel leaves a full feeling and thus is effective for dieters.


Its unique flavor is much prized. It may be eaten fresh in salads, and goes well with tomatoes and beans. It is effective against colds, headaches, fatigue, and diseases of the digestive tract. It also lowers the blood pressure and soothes the nerves. Because of its calming effect, it is often used as an aid to sleep. Simply place dried marjoram leaves inside the pillow.

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