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Due to the historical past of the Philippines, it's not at all astonishing that Filipino cuisine is actually a mixure of Asian as well as Western influences particularly from China, Spain, and also the United States. Those are generally the nations which have significantly influenced the traditions and customs of the Philippines. Because of the western effect, Philippines foods are generally consumed using eating utensils and comes with the tang of the Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, American, Malay and even Indian flavors. Delicacies in Philippine features a huge great diversity of food which range from basic dishes to wholesome unique cuisine. The cuisine is not often very hot and spicy but actually bland and moderately mild, with chilies held at bay. The good thing pertaining to Filipino Cuisine is that you could discover new and completely different flavors within the dishes you already enjoy.

Recipes from Philippines

  1. Annatto Chicken

  2. Beef Pot Roast

  3. Combination Noodles with Chorizo

  4. Empanadas

  5. Fish with Ginger and Black Pepper

  6. Oxtail and Vegetable Stew

  7. Prawn Fritters

  8. Prawns in Coconut

  9. Rice with Chicken and Seafood

  10. Sour Beef Soup



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