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Japanese cuisine is dependant on the variety of several staple foods, usually grain or noodles, accompanied by a soup, as well as okazu - recipes made out of seafood, meats, veggie, tofu and the like, intended to bring taste to the staple meals. Japanese cuisine to Asians is exactly what French cuisine is to the Europeans, the supreme in elegance associated with food preparation. Distinctive to Japanese cuisine is the great number of raw ingredients, mainly raw fish ( sashimi ). Typically the point concerning Japanese food is that you're going to either find it irresistible or you are going to utterly dislike it. With classic Japanese food, there is absolutely no such choice as an in-between. Nevertheless, it's more likely that should you dislike Japanese food, then you most probably have not actually tasted authentic Japanese cuisine or perhaps you basically have not given yourself the opportunity to enjoy it. In contrast to some other cuisine, Japanese food is not something you can take pleasure in by just having merely one bite. The Japanese people are also famous for putting an emphasis on selected seasonal food while setting up an excellent mixture of ingredients and displaying it with finesse.

Japanese Recipes

  1. Chawan Mushi

  2. Deep-fried Chicken with Seaweed

  3. Egg Custard

  4. Rice Balls

  5. Sashimi

  6. Shabu-shabu

  7. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

  8. Steamed Sake Chicken

  9. Sunamono

  10. Sushi

  11. Teppanyaki

  12. Tofu Miso Soup


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