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Chawan Mushi Recipe

Chawan Mushi Recipe

(Japanese Custard)

Chawan Mushi - The much-loved Japanese tasty custard. Tastes unquestionably delightful, whenever served warm. In reality, unique China cups are produced specifically for preparing and serving the chawan mushi. These cups include covers which are helpful to maintain the custard warm for quite a while even after it has being served.

Ingredients :

60 g chicken breast (cut to bite-size pieces)

5 fresh shiitake mushrooms (discard stem)

2 teaspoons light soy sauce

50 g baked ell (cut into bite size pieces)

4 large shrimps (peeled and devein)

1 tablespoon parsley stalks

8 gingko nuts (peeled, blanched and inside skins removed)

2 large eggs

350 ml Japanese fish stock

3 teaspoons light soy sauce

A little lemon peel to garnish


Method :

Season the chicken pieces with the soy sauce. Combine the baked eel pieces, mushrooms, parsley stalks, shrimps and gingko nuts in a bowl. Break the eggs in another bowl, mixing gently without producing any bubbles. Add the dashi stock and soy sauce. Mix well and strain. Divide the combined ingredients into 4 individual china cups with lids. Pour in the egg mixture and steam for 10 minutes over medium heat. Serve warm, ganished with lemon peel.


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