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Shabu-Shabu Recipe

Shabu-Shabu Recipe

This is a simple braised beef and vegetable steamboat recipe that is great to be enjoyed during the winter.

Ingredients :

750 g scotch fillet, partially frozen

15 scallions

3 carrots

400 g button mushrooms

1/2 Chinese cabbage

150 g firm tofu

1 cup short-grain rice, cooked

8 cups chicken stock

Sesame seed sauce

Sauce to serve


Method :

Use a very sharp kitchen knife to cut the steak fillet into very thin slices. Set aside on a plate. Cut into 4 cm lengths of the scallions for the white part only. Discard the green tops. Slice the mushrooms, and the carrots very thinly. Chop the cabbage and tofu into bite-sized pieces. Use a serving platter to arrange all the prepared vegetables, meat and tofu in separate sections. Cover the ingredients with a plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes before cooking time.


Set the table with individual serving bowl, a small bowl of sesame seed sauce, rice and other eating utensils. When all the guests are seated, pour the stock into the cooking vessel, cover and bring to a simmer. Each diner will pick their own ingredients and places it in the simmering stock to cook. The food is then dipped into the sesame seed sauce and eaten with the rice.


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