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Rice is commonly served at each meal in Korea. Frequently it is served as porridge, particularly for elderly people and kids in the morning as breakfast. In the rest of the other meals, steamed white rice, prepared with the absorption method, will be consumed alongside the soups, meats, seafood, veggies and, needless to say, the authentic kimchi. Rice is actually of such great significance that each meals are generally referred to as comprising rice and panch'an, which is an expression that includes other things that are served together with rice.

Occasionally the rice will be mixed with some other grains like barley as well as beans. Among the many beans chosen are dried lima beans, azuki beans or also known as red beans and soy beans, or soybean products like bean paste, bean curd and soy sauce.

The country of Korea comes with an abundance of fish together with other seafoods, and quite often the fish is actually blended in astonishing methods with meat or poultry. Similar to the Japanese, Koreans frequently use seaweed, particularly the dried layer seaweed generally known as nori by the Japanese as well as kim by the Koreans. Seaweed is eaten as a relish.

In Korea, beef is definitely a favorite meat compared to the other meats. Chicken and pork will also be cooked, but mutton is never eaten. Koreans usually don't cooktheir beef in one big piece.They will usually be sliced thinly into small bite sizes; and occasionally the beef slices are even flattened out further for added thinness. The beef is then kneaded properly using a marinade and kept for several hours in order that it is tenderized and flavored in the process. Although Korean broil the beef or charcoal grill which is known as bulgogi or bulgalbi, daily food preparation consists of simple steaming, boiling, stir frying as well as shallow or deep frying; however baking isn't really among their food preparation methods, because only a handful of Koreans possess ovens in their home. As such it is not popular.

The actual 7 fundamental tastes of Korean food are generally garlic cloves, pepper, ginger, scallions, traditional soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds and the oil. The sesame seeds are usually smashed prior to being included in marinades or combined with other cooked dishes, hence releasing its complete flavor.

 Korean Recipes

  1. Barbecued Beef

  2. Bean Pancakes

  3. Bean Sprout Salad

  4. Beef and Vegetable Soup

  5. Beef Stew

  6. Braised Chicken and Mushrooms

  7. Braised Meat with Onions

  8. Braised Spinach with Pork

  9. Bulgalbi

  10. Bulgogi

  11. Bulgogi Sauce

  12. Chicken Stew

  13. Cooked Vegetable Salad

  14. Crab and Pork Fried Rice

  15. Cucumber Salad

  16. Deep Fried Beef Slices

  17. Egg Strip Bundles

  18. Fried Fish

  19. Fried Noodles

  20. Green Beans with Shrimps

  21. Grilled Fish

  22. Kim Chi

  23. Kim Chi (II)

  24. Korean Beef Stock

  25. Korean Grilled Fish

  26. Korean Steamboat

  27. Oxtail Soup

  28. Pork with Spinach

  29. Potato Noodles with Vegetables

  30. Rice with Mushrooms

  1. Sesame Seed Sauce

  2. Skewered Beef and Mushrooms

  3. Soybean Sprouts Soup

  4. Spareribs Braised with Sesame Sauce

  5. Spareribs with Sesame Seeds

  6. Steamed Mushrooms with Shrimps and Chicken

  7. Stir Fried Beef Mixture

  8. Stir Fried Beef with Fresh Mushrooms

  9. Stir Fried Cucumbers with Beef

  10. White Radish Salad



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