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Laotian and Cambodian Recipes

Recipes of Laos and Cambodia

The delicacies of those 2 neighbors owes significantly towards the influence of the nation which they both border which is Thailand, and also the large quantity of fresh fish found in the Mekong River in landlocked Laos or the Gulf of Thailand in Cambodia. The fish are usually prepared merely with aromatic herbs or citrus marinades, although other soups, meat and vegetable dishes could be flavored with garlic, ginger, peppers, galangal and lime leaves and scattered with bundles of refreshing basil, cilantro and mint.

 Laotian and Cambodian Recipes

  1. Cambodian Spicy Roast Chicken

  2. Chicken and Pumpkin Stew

  3. Chicken Mince with Herbs & Spices

  4. Chicken with Lemon Grass

  5. Fish and Noodle Soup

  6. Grilled Pork Chop

  7. Grilled Skewered Beef

  8. Laotian Beef Salad

  9. Laotian Fish Balls

  10. Laotian Spicy Fried Fish

  11. Pork with Asparagus

  12. Seafood Soup

  13. Shrimp Steamed in Banana Leaves

  14. Steamed Spicy Chicken



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