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Recipes are tyrannical, often intimidating, and even though thousands had been written about them, the question of their effectiveness in teaching people how to cook is still not being answered. Techniques, on the other hand, teach us how to get the most out of an ingredient and challenge us to use our intuition and follow our palates.

Techniques are divided into two categories. There are the minor ones, which make life in the kitchen smoother and more efficient, examples like tips for quick peeling, stemming and chopping. And there are the big ones that turn you into a cook. Of these, there are surprisingly few.

Once you've gotten a handle on roasting, poaching, grilling, frying, steaming, sautéing, and braising, you'll know how to cook most foods, and if you understand the logic of how these techniques work, you'll be able to improvise intuitively and give your own special style and identity to your cooking.

Therefore, it is our sincere hope that by having this cooking guide section, it would be able to help you to become a better and well equipped cook.


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