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Asian Dim Sum Recipes

This Dim Sum recipes section is suitable for everyone that loves and enjoys eating the dim sum cuisines and desires to try their hands in cooking such fine Chinese treats in their own home. It includes a wide selection of dim sum recipes from various parts of China.

Even though Cantonese dim sum, like HarKow and ShiuMai, tend to be the most famous world-wide, the much less well-known northern Chinese dim sum are similarly delightful.
A lot of dim sum recipes compiled in this section are usually meant for dim sum which are easy to cook. Upon having learned the fundamental skills, you can easily expand your knowledge and enhance your abilities by trying some other dim sum which are more challenging to produce.

In this dim sum section, you will discover not just the tasty recipes for the common sweet and tasty dim sum which you eat nearly every Sunday morning at the tea houses or restaurants, but also the less well-known Chinese treats and delicacies.

Without a doubt, gourmets who enjoy rarer dim sum frequently have problems in ordering them in many Chinese dining places, and Chinese immigrants residing in Western countries frequently lament the limited selection of dim sum found in their neighborhood. By using these easy dim sum recipes, you can make them yourself anywhere you might be, any time you prefer.


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