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Many people often find cooking mysterious. It has frequently been assumed that all gifted chefs have a bag full of special tricks and closely guarded recipes that enable them to prepare the dishes that seem so amazing to the uninitiated. But in reality, it is the chef's reliance on basic cooking principles and fundamental preparation techniques that provides the basis for the artwork.

Creativity takes on a substance only when it is paired with the basic lessons of cooking. Mastery of these lessons eliminates the mystery and makes it easier to differentiate the merely trendy from the valid and valuable.

It is insufficient to just know how to get a particular dish prepared, or to get some complicated recipes reproduced. As a good cook, there is a need to move our orientation away from a specific combination of ingredients to reach a prescribed, predetermined finished dish. It is even more crucial to know what is behind the "formulas" so that we can grasp the basics of cooking,  such as roasting, poaching, grilling, baking, and charcuterie.

As a person who is keen on cooking, we must all continue to gain confidence through experience, so that we can answer the inevitable questions of : "How much?", "How long?" "And When?" When we learn where the benchmarks of quality are found, we can then begin to answer those crucial questions.

In order to prepare food with a sense of passion, the chef must learn the harmonies of flavor. It is important that the true flavors of foods - earthly, comfortable, honest, identifiable - be allowed to speak for themselves. At the same time, the intriguing interplay of contrasting colors, textures, shapes and cooking techniques on the plate can provide depth, excitement and interest.

This website's aim is to act as an inspiration and to encourage you to always learn more, for there is always more to learn. The youngest apprentice and the experienced master chef alike are only truly at their best when they continue to search for the greatest perfection of technique, the most ideal harmonies of flavors and foods. It is simplicity, in cooking as in all arts, that demands the greatest artistry and offers the greatest rewards.

The motivation for this website was our desire to incorporate as many contemporary cooking concepts as possible, while remaining true to the principles that govern all good cooking. Increased interest in nutritional cooking, working profitably with a dwindling supply of high-quality fish and shellfish, the excitement of learning about recipes and cuisines from all over the Asian countries - all of these elements have combined to change the way we view a culinary perspective.

In this website, we will try to provide a clear picture of the basic cooking techniques as cooking is not always a perfectly precise art, but a grasp of the basics gives the chef the ability not only to apply the technique, but to also learn the standards of quality so that one begins to develop a  sense of how cooking works.

The surest way to "demystify" cooking is to understand that it is not recipes or an arsenal of secret ingredients that make the chef. Rather, it is the chef's knowledge and expertise in three key areas : selecting ingredients with an eye to quality and seasonality; handling foods and equipment carefully to get the best results with the least waste; and applying fundamental cooking techniques with due respect for the food and the intended effect of the finished dish. These are the supports that hold the recipes up.

Cooking is a dynamic passion, one that provides some of the greatest challenges and some of the greatest rewards. There is always another level of perfection to achieve and another skill to master. It is our hope that this website will function both as a springboard into further growth and as a reference point to give ballast to the mysteries still to be discovered.


Kitchen Utensils and Tools

  1. Bread Machines

  2. Cookware

  3. Cooking with a Wok

  4. Hand Tools

  5. Immersion Blender

  6. Importance of knives

  7. Kettles and Steamers

  8. Kitchen Stoves

  9. Measuring Equipment

  10. Mortar and Pestle

  11. Nonstick Pans

  12. Refrigeration Equipment

  13. Sharpening and Honing Tools

  14. Sieves and Strainers

  15. Sieves, Strainers and Chinois

  16. Stoves, Ranges and Ovens

  17. The parts of a knife

  18. Types of Knives


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