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Ladies finger See Okra Online Recipes - Ladies Finger ( Okra )
Laksa leaf See Vietnamese Mint Online  Recipes - Laksa Leaf ( Vietnamese Mint )
Lemon grass This long, grass-like herb has a citrus aroma and taste. Trim the base, remove the tough outer layers and finely slice, then chop or pound the white interior. For pastes and salads, use the tender white portion just above the root. The whole stem, trimmed, washed thoroughly and bruised with the back of a knife, can be added to simmering curries and soups (remove before serving). Dried lemon grass is rather flavorless so it is better to use lemon rind, although this will not duplicate the unique flavor. Online Recipes - Lemon Grass
Litchi nuts A sweet, white fruit about 2.5 cm (1 in) in diameter. It has a dark red hull which must be removed before eating. Also comes canned and dried. Use as a garnish or as a fruit.  
Long beans See Snake beans Online Recipes - Long Beans
Long beans, Chinese Foot long, thin green beans. When cooked, resemble string beans but have a more delicate flavor. Treat in same manner as regular green beans.  

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