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Watercress is perhaps the most robustly flavored of all the salad ingredients and a handful of watercress is all you need to perk up a rather dull green salad. It has a distinctive "raw' flavor, both peppery and slightly pungent and this, together with its bright green leaves, make it a popular garnish.

Watercress, as the name suggest, grows in water. It needs fast flowing clean water to thrive and is really only successful around freshwater springs on chalk hills. The first watercress beds were cultivated in Europe but the vegetable is now grown worldwide.

Winter Cress - Also known as land cress is often grown as an alternative to watercress, when flowing water is not available. It looks like a robust form of watercress and indeed has a similar if even more assertive flavor, with a distinct peppery taste. Use as you would use watercress, either in salads or in soups.

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