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Buying and Cooking Watercress

Buying and Cooking Watercress

Only buy fresh looking watercress - the darker and larger the leaves the better. Avoid any with wilted or yellow leaves. It will keep for several days in the fridge or better still, submerged in a bowl, or arranged in a jar of cold water, and kept in a cool place.

When preparing, discard any yellow leaves and remove thick stalks which will be too coarse for salads or soups. Small sprigs can be added to salads. For soups and purees, either blend watercress raw or cook briefly in stock, milk or water. Cooking inevitably destroys some of the nutrients but cooked watercress has a less harsh flavor, while still retaining its characteristic peppery taste.

Water is extremely rich in vitamins A, B2, C, D and E. It is also rich in calcium. potassium and iron and provides significant quantities of sulphur and chloride.

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