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Radishes have a peppery flavor that can almost be felt in the nostrils as you bite into one. Their pungency depends not only on the varieties but also on the soil in which they are grown. Freshly harvested radishes have the most pronounced flavor and crisp texture.

Varieties - Radishes where loved throughout antiquity and consequently there are many varieties worldwide. Both the small red types and the large white radishes are internationally popular.

Red Radish - These small red orbs have many pretty names, such as Cherry Belle and Scarlet Globe, but are mostly sold simply as radish. They are available all year round, have a deep pink skin, sometimes paler or white at the roots and a firm white flesh. Their peppery flavor is milder in the spring and they are almost always eaten raw. Finely sliced and sandwiched in bread and butter.

French Breakfast Radish - These are red and white and slightly more elongated than the red radish. They tend to be milder than English radishes and are popular in France either eaten on their own or served with other raw vegetables.

Mooli or Daikon Radish - Sometimes known as the oriental radish, the mooli is a smooth skinned, long, white radish. Those bought in the shops have a mild flavor, less peppery than the red radish - perhaps because they lose their flavor after long storage (moolis straight from the garden are hot and peppery). They can be eaten raw or pickled, or added to stir-fries.

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