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Buying and Cooking Radish

Buying and Cooking Radish

Buy red radishes that are firm with crisp leaves. If at all possible, buy moolis or daikons which still have their leaves; this is a good indication of their freshness as they wilt quickly. The leaves should be green and lively and the skins clear with no bruises or blemishes. They can be stored in the fridge for a few days.

Preparing and Serving - Red radishes need only to be washed. They can then be sliced or eaten whole by themselves or in salads. You can make a feature of them by slicing into a salad of, say oranges and walnuts, perhaps with a scattering of rocket and dressed with a walnut oil vinaigrette. To use moolis in a stir-fry, cut into slices and add to the dish for the last few minutes of cooking. They add not only flavor but also a wonderfully juicy and crunchy texture.

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