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Okra Health Benefits

Okra health benefits have gained a consumers worldwide recognition as a healthy food. This vegetable aids in promoting a stronger and denser bones as it contains calcium besides being rather low in calorie. It also contains zinc which could speed up the process of healing of any injuries in our body.

OkraOkra has a wide varieties of essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to our body and health. Some of the more notable vitamins found within the okra health benefits are vitamin K which is essential for a healthy clotting of blood, vitamin C to strengthens the immune system which enables our body to resist colds and other common ailments. Besides, okra is also rich in Vitamin A, iron and many other useful minerals for our body. Compared with other fresh vegetables in terms of nutrients, okra has a high nutritional value.

The flavonoids contained in okra are known to fight lung cancer as well as benefiting for the teeth as it makes them strong and protected against cavities. That way, it makes our teeth last longer.

Okra aids in digestion

One of the health benefits of okra is in aiding the smooth functioning of our digestive process which happened to be very crucial for our body to function properly. It is because of the soluble fiber which are found in abundance in okra. This soluble fiber assist the digestive system and ensure that we do not constipate but to have a regular bowel movement. These soluble fibers functions by absorbing water and thus protecting us from a constipation condition.

Okra for a healthy hair

When it comes to healthier hair, okra definitely has the health benefits as it can add volume to hair as well as adding bounce. All that is needed to achieve it is to cut the okra horizontally, and then boil until the content is slimy. Let it cool and then add a couple of drops of lemon to it. Then just wash your hair as usual. When it comes to the last rinse use this mixture. Ensure that all your hair are covered evenly. Your hair will then be able to achieve more volume and a little more bounce will be added to it. With all these okra health benefits, it is a surprise that this particular vegetable does not receive much publicity.

Health Benefits of Okra

There are many health benefits when it comes to okra and one of the benefit is that it helps to maintain our body's cholesterol level at the correct level.

Okra is also crucial in protecting from cataract as well as alleviating the treatment process. It is strongly recommended for protecting the nervous system which actually can minimize depression, anxiety, and weakness.

Storing of Okra

Okra should be stored in a refrigerator and could last for up to 5 days. If kept in normal temperature, it can only last for just a few days.

By adding okra into your regular diet, it can enhance your intake of vitamin A and at the same time improves healing process. As such, okra should be incorporated into our daily meals regularly in order to strengthen the colon.

The okra seeds contained unsaturated fats including oleic acid, besides glutathione which is a protein produced naturally in the human body. This protein could prevent bacteria and germs in our body which otherwise would cause cancers and other serious ailments to us.

Okra for pregnancy and childbirth

The folates found in okra can help in childbirth as well as provides a healthy pregnancy. It can also assist in reducing some birth defect risks. It is highly recommended for women to take okra regularly prior to pregnancy for their own health benefits as well as for their own babies. By decreasing the likelihood of complications while being pregnant and birth to having a healthy newborn, okra health benefits are enormous.

Okra Recipes

Okra is a very common vegetable used when preparing food which includes gumbo and also other southern region food. It is often used in Indian and Mid Eastern delicacies. Okra is also referred to as ladies' fingertips simply because of the unique shape. When cooked the right way, it produces a sticky liquid which may be used to thicken braised dishes.

Though the name may be unusual and you will probably be inclined to pass it by and opt for a more common veggies, give okra a try. Clearly, okra health benefits are immense and it may be included easily into any of our meals.

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