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Healthy Tips on Grilling

To reduce fat in marinades for grilled foods, replace most of the oil with mild fruit or vegetable juices, canned broth, or plain yogurt. Leave in 1 tablespoon oil to help prevent sticking on the grill. And to keep lean meats moist, avoid overcooking. If you have a covered grill, use the cover during part or all of the grilling to help keep the food moist. If your grill does not have a cover, improvise by using a large, disposable foil roasting pan inverted over the food.

Try to avoid charring meats. When meat drippings fall directly onto hot coals, they create cancer-causing compounds that are carried back to the food via the smoke. There are several precautions you should take to avoid this potential healthy hazard. Trim all visible fat on meats and keep the oil in marinades to a minimum. Also, precook large pieces of meat in a microwave oven to reduce their grilling time over coals. Avoid flare-ups on the grill; be ready with a spray bottle of water to put out any flames. And avoid using a lot of mesquite briquettes, which burn hotter than other woods and could cause charring. If charring occurs, trim off the blackened areas before eating the food.

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