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Tamarind The tropical tamarind tree bears fruit in pods like large, brown beans. The fruit is tart-tasting and has fibrous flesh and a flat stone at the centre. An essential flavor in many Asian dishes, tamarind is available in bottles as tamarind concentrate (also known as tamarind puree), a rich brown liquid and as blocks of compressed pulp that has to be soaked, kneaded and seeded. Online Recipes - Tamarind
Tarragon Tarragon is a small, shrubby herb, Artemisia dracunculus, in the sunflower family. Two species are cultivated, Russian and French. Leaves of the French variety are glossier and more pungent. Most commercial Tarragon comes from dried leaves of the French Tarragon plant.  
Thyme Thyme is the leaf of a low-growing shrub in the mint family called Thymus vulgaris. Its tiny grayish-green leaves rarely are greater than one-fourth inch long. For use as a condiment, Thyme leaves are dried then chopped, or ground.  
Tiger lily flowers Dried golden brown tiger lily flowers; about 5cm (2 in) long. Soak in warm water about 15 min and rise before use. Keeps indefinitely on shelf when dry.  
Tofu Also called bean curd, tofu is a processed extract of soy beans. It is an excellent source of protein and is available fresh or deep-fried. Fresh tofu comes in two forms : a soft, white variety also known as silken tofu, which is cut into cubes and used in Japanese dishes. Another type is a firmer variety which is cut into cubes, wedges or slices and deep-fried. Both are available in blocks sealed in plastic. Once opened, store in the fridge in water and change the water daily. Use within a few days.  
Tofu pouches Also known as inari, are deep-fried, thin slices of tofu, crisp on the outside and dry on the inside than can be cut open to form bags. In Japan, inari are stuffed with vegetables or vinegar-seasoned rice. They can also be added whole or shredded to soups and other dishes.  
Tofu puffs They are cubes of tofu that have been deep-fried until they are puffed and golden. Online Recipes - Tofu Puffs
Torch ginger Also known locally as Bunga Kantan.  It is pink in color and a lovely fragrance is provided by this ingredient. Almost an essential requirement  for some spicy recipes.  
Tulsi seed This is the tiny black seed of a plant of the Basil family. The seeds look like poppy seeds when dry, but when soaked in water, they develop a slippery and translucent coat. They are floated on cool, sweet drinks, for they are said to cool the body (a highly regarded attribute in hot countries), and although without flavor, they add an intriguing texture.  
Turmeric This is a bitter-tasting spice which comes from the root of a plant related to ginger. it is used for its intense, bright yellow-orange color, dried and ground. It is the main ingredient in many curry powders. The fresh root is used in the same way as fresh ginger root. Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Online Recipes - Tumeric
Turnip, Chinese (lo bok or daikon) Crisp large white root vegetable resembling a large carrot. Peel skin and slice or shred before cooking. Store in the refrigerator.  

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