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Red Asian shallots See Shallots, red Asian Online Recipes  - Red Asian Shallots
Red Pepper Red Pepper is made from the ground fruit of a plant in the Capsicum family. The fruits, commonly known as "chilies" or "chili peppers," are fiery red or orange pods which rarely grow to more than 4 inches in length. The ground product ranges from orangered, to deep, dark red. According to the American Spice Trade Association, "Red Pepper" is the preferred name for all hot red pepper spices. Cayenne Pepper is another name for the same type of product. Some manufacturers use the term Cayenne Pepper to refer to a hotter version of Red Pepper.  
Rice Flour (Asian) Asian rice flour is ground from short-grain rice. it has a fine, light texture and is used in noodles, pastries and sweets. It gives a crunch to fried foods if used in a batter or as a coating.  
Rice Flour (Atta) Also known as chapatti flour, is a finely milled, low gluten, soft textured, wholemeal wheat flour used for making Indian flatbreads, especially parathas and chapattis. plain wholemeal flour can be used instead - sift first and discard the bran but may result in heavier, coarser bread.  
Rice Flour (Besan) It is a pale yellow, finely milled flour mamde from dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Used in Indian cooking to make batters, dough, dumplings and pastries. It has a slightly nutty aroma and taste. It is unleavened, so produces a heavy texture.  
Rice vinegar This clear, pale yellow, mild and sweet-tasting vinegar is made from fermented rice. Diluted white wine vinegar or cider vinegar can be substituted.  
Rice wine, Chinese Also known as Shaosing, is amber-colored with a rich, sweetish taste. Dry sherry can be substituted but not grape wines as they are not suitable.  
Rosemary Rosemary is an herb in the mint family. It is a small evergreen shrub, Rosmarinus officinalis, whose 1inch leaves resemble curved pine needles.  

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