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Daikon Much used in Japanese and Chinese cooking. Some varieties of this carrot shaped white radish can grow up to 30 cm (12 inches) long. It has a similar taste and texture to ordinary radish and is grated and added to stewed dishes or mixed with finely chopped chilies as a relish. Online Recipes - Daikon
Dashi Made from dried kelp (kombu) and dried fish (bonito), this is the basic stock used in  Japanese cooking. It is available as granules or powder which are dissolved in hot water to make up stock. Online Recipes - Dashi
Daun Kesom See Vietnamese Mint  
Daun Limau Purut See Indonesian lime leaves  
Daun Salam An aromatic leaf used in Indonesian cooking, it is larger than the curry leaf used in India and Sri Lanka, but has a similar flavor. Substitute curry leaves.  
Dill Seed / Weed Dill is a tall, feathery annual, Anethum graveolens, in the parsley family. Both Dill Seed and Weed (dried leaves) come from the same plant.  
Dried red chili See Chili, dried red Online Recipes  - Dried Red Chili
Dried Shrimp Paste A pungent paste made from prawns or shrimps that have been dried, salted and pounded, and used in many South East Asian recipes. It is sold in blocks or flat slabs or cakes and will keep indefinitely. As it has a very pungent odor, it should be wrapped in plastic and sealed in an airtight container and stored in the refrigerator or freezer to reduce the smell .The paste itself needs no refrigeration. Commercially sold as belacan. Use sparingly and always roast or fry before adding to a dish. Online Recipes  - Dried Shrimp Paste

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