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Asian Cooking Guide (Q - Z)


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  1. Quartering a Bird and Removing the Legs

  2. Quick Breads

  3. Quick Cooking

  4. Raisins

  5. Ratio for Using Stocks

  6. Reducing Amounts in Recipes

  7. Reduction in Sauces

  8. Rendering and Clarifying Fats

  9. Reheating Foods

  10. Removing Odor

  11. Rib Tips

  12. Risotto

  13. Roast Vegetables

  14. Roasting

  15. Roux as a Thickener

  16. Salad Dressings

  17. Salting and Roasting Eggplant

  18. Saute seafood for a crisp crust

  19. Saute Vegetables

  20. Saving Time Preparing Salads

  21. Selecting and Handling Cookware

  22. Selecting and Maintaining Fat and Oil

  23. Serving Sauces

  24. Slicing vegetables

  25. Slow Roasted Meats

  26. Solving Broccoli Problems

  27. Stages of Whipped Egg Whites

  28. Standard Breading Procedure

  29. Steaming with a Steamer

  30. Storing Foods

  31. Taking the flesh out of the coconut

  32. Temperature and thermometers

  33. Thawing Foods

  34. The Fundamentals of Making Yeast Bread

  35. The proper way to wash vegetables

  1. Thickener for Food

  2. Thickening with Cornstarch

  3. Three Components of Marinades

  4. To chop and mince

  5. To mince garlic to make garlic paste

  6. To shred, julienne and chiffonade

  7. Troubleshooting Yeast Breads

  8. Trussing Birds for Roasting Whole

  9. Types of Ham

  10. Types of meat thermometer

  11. Using avocados

  12. Using grinders

  13. Using herbs & spices

  14. Using leftover mushroom stems

  15. Whipping Ingredients to Make a Foam

  16. Working with Dried Fruits and Vegetables

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