Mincing Garlic to Make Garlic Paste

To Mince Garlic and Make Garlic Paste

Garlic paste has an even finer texture than minced garlic. Use garlic paste when you want a very smooth texture, as in a mayonnaise or in a soup or for making pesto without using a mortar with a pestle.

  • Place the side of a chef's knife on the garlic clove and give the knife a quick whack with the heel of your hand.

  • Pull off the skin. Trim the tiny root end off the peeled garlic clove. Place the garlic flat side down on the cutting board

  • If the clove is large or doesn't have a flat side, cut it in half through the root end and place the cut side down.

  • Slice the garlic lengthwise with a very sharp paring knife, leaving the slices attached at the root end.

  • Make three horizontal slices through the garlic.

  • Finely slice the garlic crosswise.

  • To crush minced garlic to a paste, place it near the edge of the cutting board and crush it, a tiny bit at a time, with the side of the chef's knife. Lean firmly on the knife with the heel of your hand.

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