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Radishes or Daikon

Radishes (Daikon)

These pungent roots are usually eaten raw in salads. The skin can be red, purple, black or white. Asian radishes, or daikon, can run up to 18" in length. When choosing, look for firm radishes with crisp, green leaves if attached. Avoid any roots that feel soft when pressed. If buying radishes or daikon, avoid any that are wrinkled.

Radishes are best in crisp, cold salads. But they can also be quickly sauteed or stir-fried. Shredded radishes or daikon are particularly good in stir-fries. When storing, remove and discard any leaves, then store unwashed radishes in a zipper-lock plastic bag in the refrigerator up to 1 week. Wash radishes and trim the ends just before using.

Radish flowers can be made to be used for garnishing. Trim the ends. Cut a thin "petal" on the side of the radish from the tip down to, but not through, the root end, so that the petal is attached at the root end. Repeat cutting petals all the way around the radish (a medium radish will usually result in 4 such petals). Place the cut radishes in a bowl of ice water, cover, and refrigerate until the petals begin to curl away from the center, at least about 1 hour. Besides, it could be made crispier by covering with ice water and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours.

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