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Making Salad with Lettuce

Making Salad with Lettuce

Salads can be made using only one lettuce or a mixture of many. there are no rules but, when mixing salads, choose leaves to give contrast in texture and color as well as flavor. Fresh herbs, such as parsley, coriander and basil also add an interesting dimension. Tear rather than cut the leaves of loose leafed lettuce. Icebergs and other large lettuces are commonly sliced or shredded. Eat as soon as possible after preparing.

Dressing should be well-flavored with a hint of sharpness but never too astringent. Make them in a blender, a screw top jar or in a large bowl so that the ingredients can be thoroughly blended. Always use the best possible oils and vinegars, in roughly the proportion of five oil to one vinegar or lemon juice. Use half good olive oil and half sunflower oil, or for a more fragrant dressing, a combination of walnut oil and sunflower oil.

A pinch of salt and pepper is essential, French mustard is optional and the addition of a little sugar will blunt the flavor. Add the dressing to the salad when you're ready to serve and never before.

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