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Strictly speaking, celeriac is a root vegetable, being the root of certain kinds of celery. It is knobbly with a patchy brown / white skin and has a similar but less pronounced flavor than celery. Grated and eaten raw, it has a crunchy texture, but when cooked it is more akin to potatoes. Thin slices of potato and celeriac cooked au gratin with cream is a popular way of serving this vegetable.

Buying and Preparing : If possible, buy smallish bulbs of celeriac. The flesh discolors when exposed to light, so as soon as you have peeled, sliced, diced or grated the celeriac, plunge it into a bowl of acidulated water (water with lemon juice added).

Cooking : Celeriac can be used in soups and broths, or can be diced and boiled and eaten in potato salads.

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