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Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are rather a neglected vegetable, used almost carelessly for oriental dishes but otherwise passed by as being insipid and not very interesting. It's a reputation they don't deserve. Not only do they have a lovely fresh flavor, but they are also good for you. All sorts of seeds can be sprouted, but the bean family are favorites among the sprouted vegetables. The bean sprouts most commonly available in the shops are sprouted mung beans, but aduki beans, alfalfa, lentils and soybeans can all be sprouted and taste delicious.

Nutrition : Beans sprouts contain a significant amount of protein, Vitamin C and many of the B vitamins. They have an excellent flavor too, best appreciated eaten raw in salads or sandwiches, and for slimmers they are an ideal food, low in calories, yet with sufficient substance to be filling, and with a flavor and texture that can be enjoyed without a dressing.

Buying and Storing : Bean sprouts should only be bought when absolutely fresh. They don't keep for long and they will taste sour if past their best. The sprouts should be firm, not limp, and the tips should be green or yellow; avoid any that are beginning to turn brown.

Cooking : If stir-frying, add the bean sprouts at the last minute so they cook for the minimum period to keep plenty of crunch and retain their nutritional value. Most health food shops will have instructions on sprouting your own beans. Only buy seeds intended for sprouting.

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