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Can we cook watercress?

Yes, but only briefly. Watercress is often wilted into hot sauces and soups, to which it adds its lively green bite. Wilting occurs in an instant when watercress comes into contact with hot liquid. It does not need any more cooking than this. Watercress is especially useful for combining with spinach or in potato-thickened soups, which are equally good served hot or chilled. Chopped watercress stirred into hot butter and seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice makes a simple sauce for fish and looks equally beautiful with the white flesh of sea fish or the coral pink of salmon and trout.

The sharpness of chopped watercress is also very welcome when stirred into purees of winter root vegetables, particularly swede. And it is excellent in souffles, such as those flavored with cheese.

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