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How to choose a good joint of meat?

It should look and smell fresh, the flesh should be silky, not wet, and the fat should be creamy white. Bright red flesh is not necessarily a sign of freshness or of quality, although many people think it is, and some supermarkets even put extra lights over the meat cabinet to make the flesh look a brighter red. Well-hung meat will be darker, and properly aged beef has a purple tinge. Meat with a grayish tinge should always be avoided.

When choosing boned, rolled and tied joints, look for a neat appearance. They should also be of a uniform thickness so that they will cook evenly. If the meat is still on the bones they should have been cleanly sawn through.

All meat, especially chops and steak, should be neat and well trimmed of surplus fat. For superior lean cuts and joints of meat, select Lean beef, Trim lamb and New Fashioned pork.

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