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The Many Uses of Juicers

Juicers capable of pulping hard vegetables such as carrots and celery will produce highly nutritious, easily digested fruit and vegetable juices very economically and the variety of combinations is endless, depending on your own imagination.

Some carrot, celery and tomato seasoned with Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces makes a particularly good version of tomato juice, perfect for Bloddy Marys. Cucumber and melon juiced together with a little fresh mint is a refreshing summer drink served with ice. Juicers also make good bases for milkshakes: try mango and banana, strawberry and peach or pawpaw and kiwifruit, mixed with equal quantities of vanilla ice cream.

Use the pulp left over from juicing fresh carrots as the basis of a delicious carrot cake. You can also use vegetable juices to add flavor to casseroles, risottos and soups instead of adding stock or water.

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